Impact comes with knowledge

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Anneke Veldink is a business manager with a track record in digital transformations. She has a background in Business Administration, with a focus on the B2B side of the business.

Her career

Anneke was engaged in a diverse range of companies such as ASML and PostNL Parcels, while also consulting for companies such as AkzoNobel, ABN AMRO and FrieslandCampina. Throughout her career she has made an impact in different roles, both on a professional and personal level. For Anneke, technology plays a vital role in business.

“In my diverse career as a consultant, project lead and manager, I was often the bridge between technology and the business. I found it fascinating to make the translation to why, what and how a new technology is implemented. Or, to put it differently, to translate the strategy and vision into concrete results. Currently, technology is no longer a neglected part of businesses, it is the foundation of the business. It has now become an essential part necessary to be unceasingly successful, as long as the business need is the rationale behind investing in digital technology.”

Anneke finds that people can control the impact that technology can make.

“Having the right talent on board is, and will become even more so, a strategic advantage. Digital technology, agility and innovation are essential for survival. And like Margaret Heffernan says: people create ideas, not companies. You need the right people to dramatically increase the impact that technology can make. Therefore I believe in a diverse and inclusive workspace, where we can learn from each other. By offering education, mentors and role models especially for women in digital technology, RightBrains is a perfect vehicle to stimulate this.”

Use mentors to keep you sharp

“My personal drive is to constantly and continuously learn and develop myself. My advice to others would be to follow at least one training per year, no matter if it is in a professional or personal field. Use multiple mentors to keep you sharp and on your feet. Results are bound to follow, as all the role models out there are showing.”

Her drive to create an impact and continuously improve herself, also expands beyond her work environment.

“I love to go the extra mile – not only in the sport I perform (bootcamp), but also in volunteering. I am also a mentor for a scholar, and that makes me realise that there is so much more to learn from each person you meet. Everybody can enlarge your outlook on life, even on the smallest things that make the biggest difference. I strive to be open and giving to all the people I meet and I hope to make a difference by being an ambassador for RightBrains.”

Anneke’s dream goal is to lead, shape, fund and work for companies that make a huge contribution to a better planet: “I believe the change we need is long overdue and I want to make a contribution to that change. Luckily, there is an increased attention for working more sustainable and digital technology can support this transformation.”

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