Perfecting the art of self promotion

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Annemarie van den Thillart is a talented mentor, public speaker, guest lecturer and business mediator. She focuses on executive coaching, career development coaching, corporate training, diversity and inclusion (D&I) and life coaching.  

The basis of her own mentoring programme sprouted from her personal experience. She launched her career at KPN and served an impressive tenure of 25 years – her final role was as a director, leading teams responsible for improving fiber-rollout. It was a career she coveted, but as she was focusing on progressing up the ladder, she lost her self-confidence and also struggled with imposter syndrome. The pandemic further served as a catalyst for self-reflection that led to her addressing chronic burnout and what she describes as feeling ‘stuck in a permanent traffic jam’.  

Her journey with her personal mentor was the first step in her recovery and sparked awareness of ‘key drivers’ that inspired her to define her own mentoring programme focused on top-achieving women. She sees herself in their stories and feels a kinship towards them, since their experiences are so remarkably similar.  

Her philosophy is simple: “With the right mentorship, you can become an energetic ‘conscious competent’ with finely tuned intuition within three months. This new-found self-confidence will eventually add up to authentic female leadership.” 

Besides being a powerhouse mentor, Anne-Marie is a proud wife and mother of three, speaker, lecturer and advisory board member.