Creating authentic connections

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Carola Rodrigues is a talented professional engaged in personal development and leadership. She is an inspiring keynote speaker, moderator, author, and mentor. Her focus lies in creating genuine connections with oneself and others from a place of authenticity.

For over twenty years, Carola has been guiding and inspiring individuals in the realm of personal development and leadership. Together with her team she builds powerful Personal Brands. She accomplishes this through her training institute and agency, lectures and keynotes, books, articles, and podcasts. Her mission is to help people embrace authenticity and become more visible, with love at the core.

She has also authored a management book on the changes in the sales and marketing profession. She was one of the pioneers in the field of Personal Branding and Social Selling in the Netherlands. In 2023, she wrote her second book on attention, intimacy, and our sexual well-being. Currently, she is working on her next book on personal development and spirituality. While she has her roots in the northern part of the country and a bit in Portugal, she has been residing in the southern part of the Netherlands with her family for many years.

Carola Rodrigues is an inspiring personality who motivates others to embrace their true selves and create authentic connections. Her expertise, passion, and intuition make her a valuable mentor and speaker in the field of personal development and leadership. We are excited to have Carola as expert in the 2024 RightBrains Growth and Mentor Programme.

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