Confidence to get ahead

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

We are proud to introduce our esteemed Mentoring Programme teachers for 2023! For the session on 'Confidence to get ahead at work', Hendrika Willemse will dive into how to build your confidence and get ahead while building your career.

Hendrika Willemse is an entrepreneur, author, high-performance coach, a three-time World Champion and two-time European Champion in karate, and has been in IT for more than two decades.

She always had a keen interest in IT and entrepreneurship and was one of the few girls who followed an IT education. When she was eighteen, she joined her brother's company, which quickly grew into a serious industry player with large customers. It was when he passed away that Hendrika faced intense personal turmoil - and a fork in the road, career-wise. She had to learn how to run a business and carved a path for herself as a successful female entrepreneur amongst all the established male voices in the IT industry. She eventually sold the business and thereafter served as the first female director on George Banken's executive team at Detron ICT & Telecom Group.

The desire to make a difference is something that kept gnawing at her during her corporate tenure. She then found her true calling when she combined her passion for IT, her love of coaching karate teams and her experience with working with fantastic women in the IT industry -- and founded her business, She in IT.

She in IT, is the culmination of Hendrika's knowledge, experience and best practices that she utilizes to bring teams and organizations to a higher level and to enable professionals to maximize their potential. She has a strong passion for more diversity in Tech and is a true believer that this is the only way to build outstanding teams.

Hendrika's personal philosophy: "With the right choices, focus, structure, and mindset, everyone can achieve their full potential and reach their highest level of performance."

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