It’s what you know, and who you know

Friday, February 2, 2024

Navigating a career in tech as a woman comes with its challenges, not due to a lack of capability, but various factors at play. Merisa Bunsob, our Junior Community Manager, speaks from firsthand experience. She emphasises that the key to thriving is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals in the industry, and she's here to guide you toward that path. 

This is her story. 

With a background in culinary arts and experience as a cooking teacher in Thailand, the idea of a career in the IT sector in the Netherlands seemed utterly impossible. Life, however, decided to throw me a curveball and presented a lifetime opportunity to study abroad. Pursuing international communication, a study that taught me many things, including designs, marketing, strategies, and campaigns. Every day, you learn something new; it is very practical and hands-on, allowing me to create products for actual clients. 

The need for women in IT

I interned for a northern company that opened doors to the tech industry. Actually, my passion for IT has always been an intrinsic part of me. Despite the challenge, I took on a minor in Artificial Intelligence, standing out as one of the few women in the class and the only one who dared to do an IT minor with a communication major. It struck me then; that there's a definite need for more women in IT, especially considering the growing demand in the field. 

Post-graduation, my journey took me into the world of recruitment for a company that empowered women in the tech industry. Over two years, I successfully recruited numerous incredible women looking to switch their careers to IT without a tech background. It was a challenging yet profoundly fulfilling experience. My enthusiasm for tech grew, and so did my passion for connecting with people. 

Life taught me the profound impact of connections and has led me to my current chapter—working as a Junior Community Manager with RightBrains. This role not only enables me to integrate my previous expertise but also highlights the profound significance of personal and professional development. I wholeheartedly support the RightBrains mission to attract and retain more women in digital technology. I am thrilled to kickstart this new chapter and am eager to discover what lies ahead. 

In the grand scheme of things, remember, you are not only defined by what you know but also by who you know. I am fortunate to have encountered people who recognise my potential and are invested in my growth. So, fear not to swing open new doors, for you never know the incredible individuals you'll meet and the opportunities that await you. 

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