RightBrains Tech Talks

30 September 2021

05:00 pm - 06:00 pm CET

RightBrains is hosting a series of Tech Talks with industry experts from leading organisations and universities, every last Thursday of the month (5 pm – 6 pm). Join the Tech Talk on 30 September with our special guests Femke Jacobs, CIO and Board member at NN Insurance Belgium, and Sasha Karpowa, Process Information Analyst at PostNL.

With the Tech Talks we aim to promote learning, inspire discussions, and boost your digital career. At RightBrains we believe that continuous learning is the key to keeping up with latest technology trends and staying ahead of the competition. On our Slack channel we will continue the conversation and learn from each other.

Building agile organisations
The ‘Agile’ way of working has rightly earned its place in many organisations. It’s no bingo buzzword or passing hype anymore. For decades it helps large, as well as small companies, to free themselves from inflexible top-down hierarchies and rigid (waterfall) planning processes. Nowadays, agile is just another good way of getting things done and part of the toolbox of future oriented organisations. However, agile can also fail.

During this Tech talk Femke Jacobs and Sasha Karpowa will share the pitfalls of becoming agile and share ideas on how to avoid them. Make sure to sign up for this tech talk to stay ahead on building agile organisations.

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Our guests

Femke Jacobs is CIO and Board member of NN Insurance Belgium. She is passionate about how digital and data is changing the world and how IT plays a crucial role in this transformation. She has an extensive track record in building agile organisations.

Sasha Karpowa is process information analyst and an expert on agile development and alignment between business and IT. She has experience in a lot of sectors, but most extensively in banking and teaches part-time at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.