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Our mission

RightBrains’ mission is to attract and retain female talent in digital technology, and thereby increase the number of women in the field. Our platform connects talented women, from fresh graduates and young professionals to senior managers.

We provide them with opportunities to learn, network, explore, and expand their career horizons in the digital technology space.

Our growing network consists of a diverse group of female professionals with interests and experience in a wide array of digital technology areas ranging from software engineering, UX design, digital marketing, business analytics, cybersecurity to IT operations and service management.

Become an accelerator

By joining our platform, you will become part of an exclusive network united by a shared purpose: to build a community of talented women who are making their mark in digital technology.

Leading (female) accelerators will ignite and inspire your passion for digital technology and help steer you as you embark on your career in the field. Then, as an established digital technology professional, you can become an accelerator yourself and help guide young talent on their path to success.

Tell your career story

Female role models are essential for women, to inspire others and to inform them about career opportunities in digital technology. Through our platform, you can share your career story, influence other women, and gain positive exposure for yourself and your organisation.

Never stop learning

Together with industry thought leaders and lecturers from world-class universities, RightBrains offers educational programmes that aim to develop female talent and leadership in the digital technology field. In the future, we will create new programmes and update and adapt our existing programmes to meet the changing needs of our members.

Join our networking events

Together with partner organisations, RightBrains organises events with the purpose of connecting digital technology professionals from the business world with young female talent from educational institutions.

Our team

Geke Rosier
Geke Rosier

The founder of RightBrains, Geke is a renowned entrepreneur and marketing strategist with more than twenty years’ experience in the field of digital technology. Geke specialises in advising organisations on how to achieve digital transformation and how to attract and retain female talent.

Allain Silbernberg
Allain Silbernberg

A seasoned communications specialist, Allain is able to align market drivers and trends with business requirements and customer demands. His aim is to inspire, engage and expand the RightBrains network.

Anél Viktor
Anél Viktor

RightBrains’ content and social media manager is a South African wordsmith who relocated to the Netherlands in 2019. Anél is an experienced writer, editor and journalist, ardent about storytelling and strategy.