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In the digital age with cutting-edge technologies developing at a blistering pace, right-brain thinking is more important than ever. To succeed in today’s business landscape, companies need creativity, intuition, imagination and intellectual agility. These are all skills that women can bring to the table. However, the number of females who decide to pursue a degree or career in digital technology is still very small. RightBrains is on a mission to change the dynamics of this socio-economic demographic! Together with you, professionals from affiliated organisations and educational institutions, we aim to significantly increase the number of women in digital technology.

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The lightning speed of technological development today requires up-to-date knowledge about the latest technologies and an understanding of their impact on digital transformation and leadership strategies. Today’s digital leaders are perpetual digital learners – constantly seeking to update and educate themselves on the latest technologies and trends. With this aim in mind, RightBrains offers professional education opportunities for women in the digital technology field. Through continuous education, women can ensure they are always at the forefront of the digital transformation.

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