Masterclass: leadership for diversity

Many organisations have implemented diversity initiatives that have had little impact so far on the percentage of qualified women and underrepresented minorities holding IT leadership positions. The challenge is even greater where companies across all industries are competing for highly sought-out IT skills in what some describe as a ‘talent war’. Besides the challenge of CIO’s attracting talent with the scarce combination of tech-skills and soft skills needed to collaborate with the business—creativity, cognitive flexibility, and emotional intelligence, they also face the challenge of appealing to workers who admire companies committed to having diverse IT workforces and leadership. So, how do we crack the code achieving more diversity in digital technology?

Programme details
This 2-day masterclass is for seasoned digital leaders who wish to develop and implement the strategic narrative for diversity within their organisations. During the 2-day gathering, leaders will obtain a deep-dive into the latest thinking and the leading models for realising digital performance through diversity of talent. The following topics are covered:
  • Examine cases for diversity and review the latest research on the connection of diversity dimensions to organisational performance.
  • Develop and share your own strategic narrative for diversity and evaluate the stage of diversity based on the Five Stages Diversity Performance Maturity Model.
  • Reveal the attributes and practices of successful diversity leaders, including values and behaviours.
  • Focus on how diversity becomes part of the fabric of an organisation (process, protocols, metrics).

The masterclass is offered by RightBrains (Geke Rosier) in collaboration and partnership with Diversity and Performance (Kay Formanek). It has been developed in collaboration with leading international business schools and applied in the RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme.

Location, dates and investment
Dates Masterclass Leading Diversity Performance:
- 6 June, 9:00 am until 7 June, 5:00 pm.
- 12 September, 9 am until 13 September, 5:00 pm.
Registration is on a first comes first basis, for maximum 16 participants.
The investment is €2.250 per participant, excluding VAT. Lodging, meals and refreshments are provided.

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The team

Geke Rosier is founder of RightBrains, winner of Dianne Bevelander Prize 2022 - Marketeer - Speaker - Chairperson - Entrepreneur leading gender balance in digital technology.

Kay is Founder of Diversity and Performance BV. She has over 25 years of professional services experience, is global advisor on DEI and the author of the acclaimed book: Beyond D&I: Leading Diversity with Purpose and Inclusiveness.