Fuel your energy

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Energy. For every person, it is something different. For Manuela Krull-Mancinelli, a digital transformation and innovation management guru, she gets her energy from inspiring others to reignite theirs.

“Previous industrial revolutions taught us to work according to a certain method and to follow instructions. But for the fourth and the following revolutions, we have to be creative and think for ourselves. I want to help people with that.”

During RightBrains’ next Digital Leadership Programme, Manuela will share her knowledge of creating and facilitating innovation in organisations.

“I’ll be satisfied if the participants say they feel inspired and curious to learn more. I want to inspire people to be curious and to embrace technological advances.”

Learn, dream, build

Manuela has extensive experience of being the bridge, or translator as she puts it, between business and IT.

“In the nineties, the IT department and the rest of the company were far removed from each other. The IT department was almost invisible. Nowadays, we all know the importance of integrating the IT department with the rest of the organisation and specifically in the financial services industry.”

In 2011, she founded Krull Solutions.

“After many years in various roles at corporates, I understood the end-to-end process of projects. And I noticed that the biggest challenge is that people do not understand their role in the context of the entire process. Once they understand that, they perform better, and the project is a success.”

As the managing director at Krull Solutions, she supports organisations with their digital transformation and innovation journeys.

“I’m usually called when something is going wrong, or when they need to optimise a department for a project. My services have expanded over the years and now include my passion for innovation.

Manuela’s method has three core steps; learn, dream, build.

“You can learn by being aware of the latest technologies and feeling inspired by it. The next step is to experiment with what you learned, be it with blockchain or 3D printing. And then you can start with your build!”

Learn your value

“In my very first interview, there was a standard application form that required you to attach a photo of yourself with a tie,” she laughs. But in earnest, Manuela says there has been discrimination against her. “I think sometimes people don’t even realise that they are discriminating against you because of how they were raised. So you have to speak up.”

And sometimes, she notes, that people discriminate out of fear.

“They see you as a competitor or threat to their position. So you have to be mindful of how you react. Be transparent and react professionally. Know your value and unique selling points and be able to voice that when the opportune time comes. Even in a permanent role, there is still a marketplace. As you climb higher up the career ladder, the available positions will become fewer. So you have to fight harder!”

As a working mother, Manuela admits there will be challenges. But, she explains, think in terms of solutions.

“Your partner has to play their role in the household, and you should accept help if needed. At work, if you enjoy what you are doing, I believe it will give you more energy. Regardless of how much you work or if you stay at home, your kids will be happy if they have a happy mom. So focus on your happiness and on what gives you energy.”

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