Let IT work for you

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Let IT work for you. This is one of the key messages that stuck with Miranda Hutten, a graduate of RightBrains’ Digital Leadership Programme. Miranda works as a manager for change and IT at NN Life & Pensions/Business Unit Pension Services. We asked her a few questions.

What are the core functions of your role?

I am responsible for the IT services, development and run of various IT applications within the pension domain. I’m also responsible for several DevOps Teams that provide process and system optimisation within the relevant focus area.

What attracted you to the digital environment?

Since my career started in the early nineties, I held various positions at different companies; business consultant, project manager, team manager et cetera. During this time, the importance of IT increased in my roles, and so I decided to put a greater focus on IT in my career path. In every position, I always ask myself how my team and I can improve something, and with the help of technology, this is possible. 

Did you have any challenges in your career?

Yes, during the first few years of my career, I had many male colleagues. And they wanted to decide what would be beneficial for my career. This limited me in my career development. Fortunately, a lot has changed over the years, and it has moved obstacles for success out of the way! At my current employer, NN, there are opportunities for everyone. 

There are still many prejudices in IT, and people have a particular image of the career. But it is a dynamic field, and it is a vital part of so many other fields. IT creates opportunities, and different opportunities to the typical image people have. Hopefully, this will attract more women and the younger generation to pursue a career in digital technology.

You completed the RightBrains Digital Leadership programme in 2017. How was your experience?

My director told me about the programme. She advised me to do the programme to gain more knowledge of the developments and possibilities in the IT field. Coming from the business side, the separation between business and IT is getting smaller and smaller. So it is beneficial to learn more about that which you don’t know. 

The programme covered a wide range of exciting topics, and it made me look more broadly at IT. During the programme, I realised that there is no going back, there are constant advancements in the field and even more opportunities!

A statement from one lecturer stuck with me: “Let IT work for you; technology is no longer a hindrance.”

Advice to other women?

Digital technology is inescapable and offers many career opportunities. Find out about the possibilities for you and your career. And a message to organisations: diversity in your teams is of utmost importance and facilitates success!