‘Do you want to meet hundreds of women with passion for digital technology and learn from the best?’

On October 31, 2017 RightBrains organized the third CIAO in One Day. Female role models and thought industry leaders inspired the audience by telling about their careers, digital transformation and talent development. Meet our lecturers here.

A right-brain perspective on digital careers

At 1.30 PM our first keynote speaker took the stage.

Jan Veldsink, teacher RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme and Senior advisor AI & security Rabobank, talked about the future of digital technology and how new innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics and big data are changing the way to approach education, skills development and management.

The second speaker and role model for many women (and winner of the Digital Leadership & Diversity Award 2017) was Mimoent Haddouti. She talked about her career from law student to Global Head IT Continuity & Security Services Rabobank, her job and role as a digital leader with a growing challenge and need for talent in the field of Security.

Orsolya Szucs, Early career Talent Lead bij Cisco, highlighted the importance of building awareness of opportunities for the younger generation to encourage them to dream big, and dream different. Based on her own career path she gave examples of what we can do for the younger generation to leverage our experience and passion.

The next speaker, Leon Bedaux, Director IT KPN, described how the company is organising its digital transformation, and the need for flexibility of the full organisation. About the culture, competencies and skills this requires.

The final keynotes speaker of the day was from Maartje Bouvy, CFO Rituals. She talked about the role of technology in a fast growing retail company. Keywords were: start-up, digital savvy and business technology versus ICT.


Our chairperson of the day!

kay formanek rightbrains digital leadership programmeKay Formanek, expert digital leadership and diversity, was the chairperson of the day.



At the end of the day we announced the winners of the Digital Talent and Digital Leadership & Diversity awards, which were respectively Laura Helgering and Moment Haddouti. And we announced the first RightBrains career guide! We closed the programme at 6.30PM with drinks and networking.

The CIAO in One Day was held at NBC Congrescentrum in Nieuwegein.

Impressions of the day

Get inspired about the CIAO in One Day by watching the video of the CIAO in One Day 2016. The after movie of 2017 will come soon. For now, take a look at the pictures below to get an impression of the day.

See you next year!