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Jan Veldsink has been a core teacher at Nyenrode Business University for many years with more than 25 years’ experience in the field of digital technology. He is senior advisor Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Rabobank and specialized in cyber security, systems thinking, organisational and group dynamics, serious gaming and innovation. Jan is a creative and energetic new thinker with passion for technology and people. He is a speaker, senior advisor, trainer and coach. His mission is to contribute to a secure and endurable environment within teams and organisations.

Mimoent Haddouti is Global Head of IT Continuity & Security Services at the Rabobank. Her career developed quickly within Rabobank once she got her first management position in 2011. She is known for a getting-things-done mentality, without losing the human aspect of leadership out of sight. Besides handling crises and security threats that surface every day’s focus, Mimoent never loses on developing her teams that span multiple continents and cultures. She creates a culture in which people can be who they are and admit to mistakes to help the organisation to learn and grow.

Orsolya Szucs is Early in Career and Talent Lead of Global Virtual Sales and Customers Success for Cisco Systems in EMEAR. She is passionate about talent development, training, coaching and Early in Career talent integration. Orsolya is Hungarian Economist, and certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Advanced Practitioner. She holds an MBA in General Management and MSc in IT Management from the Central European University in Budapest.

Leon Bedaux is successfully running a progressive Digital technology transformation within KPN in combination with a complete restructuring of the organisation to bring full autonomy to teams. Prior to his current responsibility, Leon held different positions within KPN, including Vice President of Customer Experience, Program Director of Fixed-Mobile Convergence, as well as IT Contracting and Procurement at the group level. Leon has degrees in law and telecom law from Utrecht University.

Maartje Bouvy is board member of Rituals responsible for the backbone of the company (accounting, business control & analytics, business technology, supply chain, HR, legal). The purpose of these backbone departments is to enable and support sustainable growth. Her passion for technology started in her previous job working for KPN. There she was CFO for Netco (TI and IT). After her BBA at Nyenrode, Maartje studied Economics and Law at the VU in Amsterdam and has an Executive Master Finance & Control from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Next to technology she has an interest in contributing to sustainable development goals.

kay formanek rightbrains digital leadership programmeOur chairperson of the day

Kay de Gier-Formanek is a much invited lecturer at some of the top business schools in the world, and has created Executive Leadership Courses on Diversity for global companies. Her passion is to unleash the true potential of diversity within business organisations and society in relation to what is required from leaders. After 25 years’ Accenture, Kay founded a global company Diversity and Performance. She also serves as Vice-Chair for HNTPO, an NGO focusing on liberating women and children and devastated communities.