As technology continues to shape our society and our business models, a new breed of leader is emerging. Where before we had leaders operating in a top-down, control environment, our new leaders operate in flat, networked organisations. Working environments with ready access to information and the existence of virtual teams bound together by a common purpose and values.  This digital world is demanding a new leadership model, with new skills and new behaviors.

Everything you need to know about leadership in a digital world

The target audience for this course is senior and executive management (CxO’s, BU leads, HR executives), from commercial and not-for-profit organisations. Leaders who are confident and excellently equipped to inspire and lead talent in a networked, digital organisation.

The main learning goal is to understand what is required from digital leaders to tap into talent for their organisations and allow the talent to thrive and drive performance. In this course we will be covering the following key topics:

  • What is a digital leader and what are new skills required?
  • How do digital leaders engage their employee’s and how do they sponsor collaboration and inclusion?
  • How do digital leaders overcome unconscious bias in their organisations and how do they use technology during the entire employee life cycle?

Kay RightBrainsKay de Gier-Formanek is thought leader and lecturer on diversity and performance

The course is built on a rigorous research basis (What is the research telling us?), a best practice basis (What are the best In class leaders and organisations doing?) and a practical/experience basis (What is occurring right now?). Participants to the course have the opportunity to explore each topic with other senior participants, allowing for dialogue, exchange of ideas and the distillation of actions for the future. The content is delivered by way of guest Speakers, faculty, through group work on case studies et cetera.

Kay de Gier-Formanek is researcher, author, lecturer and advisor in the area of diversity and performance.  Her passion is to unleash the true potential of diversity within business organisations and society in relation to what is required from leaders. Read more about Kay.

‘Leadership in a digital world’ is currently offered as an in-house course. If you are interested in participating and/or if you want more information about this course, please send an email to She will contact you as soon as possible.