I don’t believe in a glass ceiling

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Kasia Blicharz is Partner at Deloitte Digital, managing a team of 100+ people. With her team, she is working on implementing digital marketing strategies and platforms for large multi-nationalsworking on the future of marketing, digital and data.

How did you start your career?  

I don’t have a background in digital technology; in fact, I studied to be a banker or diplomat. But I have always been fascinated with data-driven marketing. That’s why I became a consultant, working in the creative industry for the last 18 years, to help make companies more data-driven. In June I became Partner at Deloitte Digital because here I am given the chance to work on cutting-edge changes in digital and creative consulting.   

 What changes did you see in marketing recently? 

The agency world changed about 5 years ago, with many agencies adding consulting to their offerings and consultancies adding agency-like (design and platforms) offerings to their skillset. This led to new types of creative consulting and I chose the latter. One of the things we are doing at Deloitte Digital is bringing creative teams, with designers, strategist and coders together. With this combination of skills and increasing ask of the market for new ideas and concepts, we are able to bring offerings and solutions to the market that work. I’m proud of that. 

How important is diversity in your team? 

I am highly conscious of diversity in my team. When I started at Deloitte Digital, the team consisted of 80% men. I don’t believe in a glass ceiling, but I want to attract and promote women because they are talented (sometimes they don’t know this themselves). And I have to say—it worked, our team is much more diverse now. And I am not only speaking about the gender ratio but also when it comes to background, culture and studies. I want different team members to learn from each other, everyone has something to contribute. Inclusion is very important. More than a year ago, I made a poster for a community event at Deloitte saying: “I am proud to be a mom and ambitious businesswoman, and just proud to be me.”

What career advice can you give to young women?

I would give the usual advice: be comfortable with yourself, be confident about what you do and don’t try to be someone you are not. I see so many people trying to fit in a job that just doesn’t bring out the best in them. Understand yourself, find what you love and contribute the best way you know how. I sayjust get it done!