Meet our ambassador, Yee-Fan Yeung

Friday, June 5, 2020

Yee-Fan Yeung is a senior account manager with a proven track record in IT built over many years. And she is passionate about the RightBrains cause! She is currently working for a global ICT business partner, Sogeti that combines agility and speed of implementation to tailor innovative future-focused solutions.

Have you always wanted to be in the digital field?

I have always been in the people business, and about ten years ago, I made a move into IT because of the innovation opportunities. I’m interested in artificial intelligence because you can do a lot with it. I think the most important thing for any company is to be future-proof because everything will be changing.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge now is what everyone is dealing with; the impact of the coronavirus. Within a short time, we have been asked by the Dutch government to stay at home, work from home and to keep our social life up-to-date from home. We had to adapt quite fast to this new situation. This situation challenges all of us to be mentally strong to get through this but also working smart and more efficient to provide digital solutions. We have the time now to rethink our business model in a new way and from a different perspective.

Any advice for others?

I sometimes find it hard as a woman to be accepted in a men’s world because I often feel you have to prove yourself. I experience a lot of women who are insecure about their capabilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

I have a mentor to guide me. And I think all women in IT should have a mentor, a role model or expert to ask for advice, to look up to and to compete with. Always try to improve your skills because the whole world is continuously changing.

Be strong, confident, and believe in yourself! Don’t let fear overshadow your dreams; just go for it, and make sure you don’t let a great opportunity pass you by.

Why do you think organisations like RightBrains are important?

Even in international organisations, diversity and inclusion are not a common thing. We need to strive for more women in digital technology because the current gender mix is out of proportion. A combination of different people, the fusion of fresh ideas, will provide the essential fuel for progress and the set-up of a very successful team. That is why RightBrains is so needed to bring this message across. And that is why I believe in the vision and future of RightBrains.

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