A digital approach to learning

We live in a world which is increasingly being mirrored in a data world. We are collecting and recording more data than ever before and many organisations have pioneered new business models which leverage data for smart business and customer propositions.

Data has become the new gold in an organisation. Learn how to collect and analyse data, how to develop smart propositions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create breakthroughs in business value.

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E-learning journeys

Together with our partner AXVECO, we offer a digital learning experience using state of the art learning technology to help you follow your journey to the future. The learning journeys combine interactive video, personal exercises, walkthrough examples and explanatory media to help you learn. RightBrains has selected the following learning tracks for you.

Learn how to be data driven

Follow a series of three learning paths which guide you towards becoming a data driven business.

Step 1 - Data Driven Business Foundation
This first step raises awareness of the data driven and platform business models, how to leverage data for business benefit and gives an overview of associated data management prerequisites. Plot your strategy for digital transformation!
This clarifies why it is essential to use data as a key resource in business.

Step 2 - FAIR Awareness including Linked Data Stewardship
The second step sets out how to acquire, manage and provision data for business benefit.  This is a best practice guide to manage data and provide data stewardship using a range of techniques (as used by leaders such as Google) including FAIR data principles, FAIR Data Stewardship and the Linked Data approach.
This clarifies how to manage data as a key resource in business.

Step 3 - Organising to win with AI (or AI Essentials/AI Foundation)
Take the final step to learn how leaders such as Google and Tesla embed AI capabilities as a core competence across their organisation including Human – Machine collaboration models and continual (Human in loop) Machine Learning.

This clarifies what is needed to enable your organisation to use AI in a data-driven or platform business model and transform performance to the levels seen by Unicorns and Big Tech leaders.

Step into the world of AI

We have two accredited learning paths to prepare you for a world of AI. These learning paths follow the internationally recognized BCS syllabus and have been accredited by Exin.  You can follow either of these courses without prior study prerequisites although we recommend following the Data Driven Business Foundation and FAIR Awareness learning paths prior to the preferred AI learning path.

AI Essentials (BCS Accredited – one day)
This provides an overview of AI, explains the key algorithms and applications, and takes you through the steps to build your first AI model using automated Machine Learning. We also address ethics and the risks of AI highlighting how to create Trustworthy AI applications.  This is applicable to everyone who wishes to learn about AI.
This journey is accredited to the BCS AI Essentials level. It prepares you to take the (separate) BCS exam via EXIN and attain the associated Professional Certification.

AI Foundation (BCS Accredited – two to three days)
This journey prepares you to work with AI or to make decisions in your business relating to the use of AI.  We cover the main algorithms, machine learning techniques, data preparation and tools necessary to work with AI.  We also address the ethics, risks and compliance issues relating to AI. This is applicable to professionals who wish to work in an AI project or make informed decisions about the use of AI in their business.

This journey is accredited to the BCS AI Foundation level. It prepares you to take the BCS exam via EXIN and attain the associated Professional Certification.