Do you have several years of management experience in digital technology or a job that relates to it? And would you like to give your digital career a boost? Look no further! We developed the RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme, an education programme about digital technology. This is a unique programme that combines business administration, information technology and leadership applied to the digital economy of today. On march 20 the third year of this programme will start at Nyenrode Business University, there are a few spots available. For more details click here.

Professional education for women about digital technology 

The programme comprises six two-day modules spread across one year with interim meetings for project groups, peer to peer support and professional coaching. The themes of the modules are: 1. Digital transformation and innovation; 2. The future of technology; 3. Transformation strategy and new business models; 4. Digital marketing strategy and social media; 5. Business processes and technologies, and 6. Digital leadership and employee engagement. Read more details about the programme.

Why chose the RightBrains Digital Leadership Programme?

We can tell you all about the programme, but this is what two participators had to say about the programme.

Heidi Rutten, Senior account manager at KPN:

I chose for the Digital Leadership programme because it’s about digital transformation. What I learned from this programme is: what are the aspects of digital transformation. And it’s more than just technology. A broad view, so that I can have intelligent conversation with my customers within my organisation.

Marieke Hegeman, Consultant-systems & service management:

I chose for the RightBrains digital leadership programme in order to broaden my knowledge about IT in general.  Cause my focus in work is quite small and I wanted to learn more about what is happening in the entire digital IT world. And I wanted to meet other women that also work in IT.

Become a digital leader and sign up for the RihtBrains Digital Leadership Programme!