Our passion is to inspire, connect and develop

Geke Rosier started RightBrains in April 2014. Her dream is that in ten years digital technology will be viewed as a field with many career opportunities for everyone, also for women. “We need to get rid of the idea that technology is something for an exclusive group of left-brained men”.

Geke Rosier is responsible for business development and continuity of RightBrains. As a marketing strategist with more than twenty years’ experience in the field of digital technology, she advises organisations in the area of digital transformation, employer branding and talent recruitment. Her passion is enabling organisations to improve their ability to innovate and grow. She believes that the digital economy needs diversity in teams more than ever. Critical by nature, she challenges her discussion partners to look at things in a different way.

Elles de Vries is an entrepreneur with passion for growing social businesses and start-ups. Within RightBrains Elles is responsible for the optimisation of the RightBrains platform making it a valuable and exciting experience for our network of professionals and partnering organisations. Elles has a background in mathematics and in her free time teaches young children how to code. She is a true complementary member of the RightBrains teams.

Kim van der Hoek has a proven track record in building authentic client relationships and creating sustainable business. She has a keen eye for collaboration opportunities between people and organisations. As Partner and Alliance Manager for RightBrains, Kim is always on the lookout for companies that stand out of the crowd and have diversity in digital technology high on their management agenda.

Eva Käller, as junior communication specialist, is responsible for activities concerning Eva Kallercommunity management. She is an energetic, result oriented and binding young woman with digital ambitions. Eva finished her Bachelor of Science Lifestyle Informatics at the at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam recently. Her aim is to inspire, expand and activate the RightBrains network.

Ilektra Chatzopoulou is part of the RightBrains Student Board, supporting our mission to grow the number of talented young women in digital technology.  Ilektra is studying Media and Business at Erasmus University Rotterdam and loves writing. She is fascinated by storytelling and how technology companies could use this to inspire women become part of their team. As Miss Content (her nickname) she will be in charge of content creation and distribution for the website and social media channels.

As a writer and contributor to the RightBrains Career Guide, Samantha aims to empower young women to pursue technology careers.
By sharing the stories of role models and showcasing the many different paths within digital technology, she hopes to change perceptions about who belongs in IT and promote an inclusive culture.

 Jop Duyn is a young entrepreneur inspired by the digital revolution. His company Visionary Minds makes video’s for online usage. Being a creative, passionate and hardworking entrepreneur Jop adds great value to our team. His main goal is to make beautiful video’s that will inspire women to pursue a career in digital technology. Jop does this by translating our mission into a compact and entertaining piece of art.