Meet our students

Thursday, November 4, 2021

In September we welcomed Birsu Obalar and Wienona Setiawan to our communications team! We are excited to have new talent onboard. Birsu will be supporting RightBrains focussing on attracting new talent to our platform by using external communications channels such as social media and our newsletters. Birsu graduated from Erasmus University of Rotterdam this year, where she pursued a degree specialising in Work and Organisational Psychology. Wienona is responsible for engaging our community members by facilitating and taking care of internal communications such as mailings and our Slack workspace. Wienona is studying Events management with a minor in Entrepreneurship.



Meet Birsu Obalar

Birsu is a work and organisational psychology graduate from Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Currently, she is taking a gap year to work towards her goals and gain as much experience as possible. After her gap year, she is planning to specialise further in Human Resources. For the RightBrains platform, Birsu will be taking the role of a Creative Marketeer. She is passionate to help bring women from different experiences come together and network. Birsu will put creativity and the right mesaging in our social media communications while attracting new members to the platform.

Meet Wienona Setiawan

Wienona is currently doing her minor in Rotterdam in Entrepreneurship. The last six months, she completed an internship as community manager for The Student Hotel Rotterdam. To continue this journey she took on the challenge with RightBrains. As the community manager for RightBrains, she wants to connect our members in the best way possible. “I want to start a conversation where members can share their own unique experiences that can inspire others.” Wienona aspires to make every member feel a sense of belonging in our community. Together, we can make a social impact to help other women grow in the digital world.


You can meet Wienona and Birsu on the RightBrains platform!